You place me somewhere in your maze
then watch me wander merrily,
directionless and tentative,
inquisitive with any turn,
until I trace my every step
and rove past walls I saw before.

From where you stand, I look confused,
so indecisive, helpless, done.
But I'm not searching how to leave
this pleasant realm of mystery.
I relish being lost in here,
meandering through who you are,

exploring more untraveled paths
that take me closer toward your core:
the secret entrance of your soul.
Sometimes I fear I'll stray too near
by truths perhaps you hope none find
and you might move me yet again.

A mouse would solve this handily,
except I like to probe unknowns
and be amazed by what I find
along the corners of your mind.
Wherever you will let me start,
l love to learn your ways by heart.

Amazed © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 24, 2021