Andromeda Dreaming

Tsunamis and monstrosities
swarm about your fettered feet
and thrash your shackled arms around
upon the rock where you were bound
to execute your sacrifice
while deities feud vanities.

As you await, uncertain fate
bathes clear from your submerging mind,
and you dream freedoms, love, a space
immortals lack combative trace,
adrift in gentle starry clouds
asleep as peace softly enshrouds.

Another dream greets open eyes:
your Perseus through blackened skies
on Pegasus with widened wings
approaching as this moment brings
behemoth down to knees - and bliss,
to reawaken with a kiss.

Your afterlife's bright reverie:
you're constellation, galaxy.

Andromeda Dreaming © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines.  Dream challenge prompt - link:

Inspired by Greek mythology.  Andromeda eventually lives on as a constellation, which also contains the Andromeda galaxy.
Submitted: November 28, 2019