Angelic Guardian

Alone, abandoned, lost, betrayed,
belittled, broken, shamed, dismayed:

I suffered right beside you - years
supplying strength to battle fears,

your guardian through vague and clear.

Deceived, disparaged, dulled, depressed,
offended, outraged, old, oppressed:

what ghastly griefs we heaved to reap,
but how we prayed - and, then, your leap!

Your angel, I shall never sleep.

Defending virtues, dreams, each goal,
these heedful hands bear up your soul,
a vibrant study, gaining glow,
dispelling darkness as we go.

Take refuge in these robust wings,
forgetting arrows, narrow slings;
they'll soar on by, catch empty airs,
and, as you slumber, mercy spares:

Lord wills this ward, through faith, inspires
when we'll face tempests, rise from fires.

Angelic Guardian © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines (prompt limit).  Image challenge prompt (angel, with large wings, holding a glowing light in a dark area) - link:
Submitted: December 10, 2019