Arts of War and Peace

No cape, no mask, or space age clothes,
invented names, or secret shows.
No superpowers here to claim.
No followers or need for fame.

No magic, gadgets, special ride,
no boosting boots, no tricks applied,
equipped with knowledge gained or sought.
So who expects I could have fought

some scoundrels half across the land
while barely moving either hand?
I openly oppose all lies,
contend for peace, for freedom's prize

through music, art, and poetry.
Sure, go ahead and laugh at me.
Or, better yet, check history:
with such a pen, who needs a sword?

The artist's might flows fierce and wide
where even tyrants cannot hide.
You have that strength, as well, to right
the wrongs, the false - come join the fight!

Arts of War and Peace © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: May 2, 2019