The Astronomer's Cat

You used to comb my fur each night,
but now you follow spots of light
so faint and distant I can't see
how you'd prefer them over me.

They have no tails, nor do they purr.
They scarcely move and rarely stir.
It seems they play some hide-and-seek
behind the clouds though which they peek.

Is it the twinkle in their eyes,
the fact they sleep above the skies,
or is it that I bore you so
you'd rather watch their simple show?

I need to give myself some hope.
Perhaps I'll drop your telescope
or scratch the lens until it's blurry
- a sound suggestion!  I must hurry!

The Astronomer's Cat © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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16 lines.  Image challenge prompt (cat on ledge looking up at stars in the night) - link:
Submitted: January 18, 2020