Back Up

Before surrendered mind resigns
to be enslaved in grave designs
from algorithms inhumane
encoding pawns gone in a game
already lost before it starts,
rekindle spirit!  Summon arts!

Refuse to dim that inmost spark
which liberates us from the dark
of microprocessed tyrranies
which subjugates realities
reduced to pixels, IFs, then bits,
within a loop that never quits.

Upgrade your sense.  Set down device.
Create!  Regain your paradise
through meditation, joy, good friends.
Return to flourish, make amends.
Experience, emote, and share.
Remember how it feels to care,

depending least on bleak machines.
Avoid those futures fraught with scenes
in books and films advising well
that robot some prefer to dwell
in any task they'd soon eschew
may reign supreme or, worse, subdue.

Connect with kindred face-to-face.
Restore computers to their place
(which never said to seize control)
to be those tools to reach a goal,
not substitutes for love or life
nor sources of systemic strife.

Reboot your soul.  Log on to now.
No passwords needed.  Just allow
yourself to breathe, to reconnect
with nature, wisdom, intellect
less artifice, what most holds true,
and save you from deleting you.

Back Up © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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The future of humanity and technology - one in which there can be better balance, less reliance on computers and more human influences in a (presently) all-too-digital world.

Title intentionally has several means:  backup (save your most important data), back up (take a step back from a situation to gain some fresh perspective and insight), back up (a computer and/or network once down, offline, restored - back up - online and fully functional again).
Submitted: November 27, 2019