Bellerophon and the Pegasus

Now horseback on my Pegasus,
I rain grave arrows on a beast
whose flames endanger all in sight.

Before we climb through clouds to light
and soar past where young Icarus
flew too high his wings would fail,

I'm certain we will soon prevail
and sail ourselves back toward the east
to reach Olympus, claim our feast
among immortals, proud and free,
the heroes humans hope to be.

Come, flap your mighty wings, my steed,
so we may taste that sweetest mead
reserved for those whose best all odds
and earn their seats beside the gods!

Bellerophon and the Pegasus © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Inspired by the myth of Bellerophon, the Pegasus, and Icarus:

Interestingly enough, Bellerophon, the speaker of this poem, never does make it to Mount Olympus and suffers a fate, thanks to his hubris (pride), comparable to that of Icarus.
Submitted: November 26, 2020