Bequeathing Light

No mystic gift, this sudden sight
received upon a starless night:

unrequested (though relief),
bestowing blessings on belief

beneath the hurt of burgled trust,
beyond all doubting and disgust:

- a present lending here from now
one lavish moment to allow

your mind to find that timeless space
after wreckage and disgrace,

to cease pursuit of answers sought
and rest without a solemn thought,

relaxing grips until release
reveals realms of inner peace

bequeathing truths through clarity
not yours to keep from charity:

confer your learning - freely teach
wherever darkness tends to preach,

endowing futures faith in light
and chance to win without a fight.

Bequeathing Light © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: December 2, 2019