Bit vs. Qubit

None or one:
untrue or true,
a simple bit's
binary view.

One or none
or both can be:
the quantum qubit's

A bit commits
with "no" or "yes."
The qubit's whim:
a randomness

until observed,
then certainly
it must agree
or disagree.

Bit vs. Qubit © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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43 words (45 being the prompt limit).  No or Yes brevity challenge prompt - link:

Poem inspired by quantum computing, which differs vastly from classical computing, particularly where classical bits are no longer used but rather replaced by qubits, which can be 1, 0, or both (a state known as "superposition") and "entangled" with other qubits to multiply the possibilities and complexities of quantum computations.

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Submitted: February 4, 2020