Each nuance drawn defines new depths
intensifies embellished flesh:

majestic guests in common dark
their lordly lanterns burning stark

discerning curves accenting edge
asserting windows, fountains, ledge

where mirrored marbled columns fade
and shadows mask this masquerade

and blushing duchess coyly waits
as glassy necklace overstates

and chandeliers shall domineer
this ambiance of lofty halls

dividing dancers, floral walls
from blasting bands and subtle calls

to slip outside this sharpened night
and sigh by muted lunar light

near silhouettes of weaving trees
past stars too far for dreams or pleas.

Chiaroscuro © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Like almost all of my poems, this is carefully written to be read aloud.  I hope you enjoy reading this.

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First version of this poem:


Tonalities dimension depths
to vivify quiescent flesh

which promenades across the dark
with lithesome light burned bright and stark

discerning curves preferred to edge
before long windows and a ledge

as mirrored marbled columns fade
and shadows mask this masquerade

where blushing countess glides to wait
while dress and tresses scintillate

neath chandeliers that domineer
this atmosphere of umbral halls

dividing dance from blazoned walls
and brazen band from subtle calls

to slip outside this outlined night
and lose your sighs to lunar light

by silhouettes of weaving trees
and stars too far for clarities.
Submitted: April 27, 2020