Choosing to Communicate

It quickly goes from hurt to worse
when silence is how we converse.

So, I decide to speak my mind.
Please listen, if you wish to find

the truth of what we know we feel
and verify romance is real:

you run throughout my dreams for hours
plucking thoughts like wildflowers

then set them gently in your hair.
You smile. I become aware

your eyes provide me with such light
to find a way through any night

and make my way back home to you.
That's how I know this love is true.

My hand will always seek your hand.
I'll always hope you understand

despite the times my words will fail.
What means the most is we prevail.

Recall the places we have seen
and all those roadways in-between:

they mapped our lives with memories
of mountains, music, rivers, trees

- things only we could share like this,
what no one else holds when we kiss.

So, please, speak freely. Let it out.
Forget regrets, old fears, and doubt

so we can move on, soon and strong,
and reach the somewhere we belong.

I swear, I'll try to comprehend
and always be your closest friend,

the one who loves you every day
no matter what you do or say.

Choosing to Communicate © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: February 19, 2021