Cinderella Song

You scrub the floors, the chairs and walls,
as others run to dancing halls,
then ring the towels, wash your hands.
By midnight will you understand?

You turn to wipe another dish.
A fairy comes to grant your wish.
Your rags become a dress so grand.
Tonight the world's your wonderland.

Horses, carriage, reach the ball,
magic dances, princes fall.
Break away before it goes.
Home by midnight.  No one knows.

Oh, look, you left your shoe behind,
one made of glass, much like your mind,
where everything seems very clear.
By morning there's another fear.

Some come by asking, will it fit?
So many try but have to quit.
That slipper, it was made for you,
and now your story's coming true.

Horses, carriage.  It's your ball.
Magic dances. Hear him call.
Face your music.  Don't delay.
Love forever finds a way.

Love forever makes him stay.
Embrace the beauty of today.

Create new music every day.
Love, and ever find your way.

Cinderella Song © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: February 16, 2021