The Circle of Gratitude

Please, sit, come join us round our fires
and feel that warmth each heart desires
when facing frigid winds like this
where no wolf howls and no snakes hiss.

For all are welcome, friend or foe,
to gather here in peace to know
the circle of our gratitude
which must admit and not exclude

one thankful soul on this cold night
as spirit lends us strength and light
to seek more wisdom in the earth
to understand each death and birth,

the sacred nature of all things:
eternal rivers, eagles' wings,
how mountains, valleys, trees, and skies,
this moon, these stars beseech our eyes

imploring us to live as one
before the setting of our sun,
so we may brave our darkest days
as brothers, sisters poised to praise

pure goodness, every truth that lasts,
atoning for our tragic pasts
while looking toward a warmer year
where we would harvest love, not fear.

The Circle of Gratitude © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: November 26, 2020