Commotion to Stillness

The meditators in the city
have such rubs to overcome:

stampeding traffic, sirens, yells,
live televisions, revelry,

the fretful tenants, lights and signs,
competing ring tones, stereos.

And, afterwards, the inner hammers
pounding all throughout the night:

anticipations seldom met,
uneasy thoughts refusing sleep,

new memories, old haunting loss,
fast passions crashing against time,

the dreaming one must leave behind
as notions roam the open mind.

The interruptions drift, return,
encircling, but never gone

externally, internally,
until more conscious breathing starts

then sense surrenders to the calm
eternal, waiting well within

like mountain peaks above rash rivers,
past the forests full of howls,

where clouds recede, receiving sky
released from any turbulence,

and nothing may impede the sight
where peace flows freely through the light.

Commotion to Stillness © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: February 1, 2021