Consoling eyes, revering peer,
not judgement-wide with morbid awe
or momentary pity's pierce,
but offered softer, warmed to soothe,
confiding, tranquil, will assure,
mindful what one might endure,
relating patience, phrasing clear
without a breath bent insincere:

"I know this anguish.
Will you share?
Admit this love?
Accept my care?"

Embracing gaze evincing kin,
that solace sought in midst of plight,
where grimace dwindles into grin,
serenity dispelling fight,
a strong belonging wells within:

perspectives step from wrenching sight
then convalescent hearts begin
aspiring to reunite.

By healing art of earnest light,
may shadowed souls emerge from night,
delivered from a faithless flight,
esteemed, redeemed, believing, bright.

Compassionsight © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 21, 2019