Conundrums to Cosmos

Such sights you must
seclude from us

beyond majestic tapestries
enriched with myths

persistent fingers flick and fray
as hinting glimmers drift away

and light slips through
loose haggard threads

and questions dance
about our heads

and suppositions disappear
into black holes.

Theories veer
toward vague


so no one shows
or yet possesses
plain enigmas
you preserve
behind the spectra we observe.

Like planets
we play wanderers
roving wells of gravity

their lenses bending distant glow
round galaxies
if wormholes flow
across vast interstellar breaks
a potent supernova wakes
with elements of fierce surprise
new particles and probes revise.

In time
some take much closer looks
matured since adolescent books
parading constellations named
in dizzy fictions glibly framed
to forfeit facts and jolly hearts
with folly's misbegotten arts.

Envision Einstein beaming glee
beside him Hawking smirkingly
as colleagues wipe mad blackboards clean
remove their glasses
sigh and lean
and rise from chairs
still mystified

from mysteries more magnified
toward wonders greater than accounts
no noted science soon surmounts.

each system's proofs
left undefined by truant truths.

Then comets curve to lend some dust
as constants all were forced to trust
could constitute concealed flaws
should physics disobey their laws.

Uncertainties prevail again:
to know a place
or gauge the when

contending quanta fluctuated.

No neutrinos obligated
(neglected sensors would agree).

None speak their secrets easily.

Adapting tired eyes by night
we riddle through the recondite
to sift for inklings in the dark
and pin our hopes upon a quark.

Conundrums to Cosmos © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson quote inspiration (the universe not being obligated to make any sense) challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: May 3, 2020