Uncertainty assures me so
I've come to trust in doubtfulness

--the questioning of every thing--

advising judgements not to jump
into a chasm of untruth
where feelings balk at parachutes.

If sound convictions will not speak
when interviewed by scrutiny
(or only answer mystery)
let hesitations testify.

Inconstancy shall mean to me
all mortal creed outside of God.

And yet we can reach new beliefs
from winding paths, through wilderness,
the thinning mists of innocence,
the stubborn smog of ignorance,
all strange terrain and lands renamed,
inspiring souls to know a way
beyond what we were sold or told
or what a fact forgets to say.

Despite my blindness, faith could see
above these walls surrounding me
or walk with reason through these lands
which no persuasion understands
without adventure, sin, ordeal:

your self-reliance should be real!

Dear seeker, may we never find
the motive to enclose a mind
or only go by what some heard
between the bedlam and a bird.

Devotion cannot be a word.

With wonder, let's embrace our night,
yet pray we wake with inner light!

Credo © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 8, 2021