Critical Thinking

Right before you, they may speak,
exploiting phrases, work you weak,
play images to jar your heart,
indoctrinate you from the start,
so you should think as they prefer
and be convinced you must concur,
suspecting least you're just their pawn
positioned as they'd have you drawn,
expendable when they decide
it's time for you to step aside
within this game few rarely win
- unless deep questions burn within,
and you begin to gaze around,
attending every sight and sound
with awareness to secede
from party, bias, lies, and greed,
regarding all without some slant,
perceiving things most others can't,
because you left your herd behind
and began to free your mind
beyond their fence about this land
to liberate and understand
how perspectives quickly change
once you stray beyond your range
and migrate where you felt forbid,
explore obscure horizons hid,
admit the dawning of new light,
discover sources pure and bright,
and contemplate the origins
of darkness, truth, and human sins:
those revelations ever there
to survey, learn, disclose, and share.

Critical Thinking © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 27, 2019