Dance of Life

The dance of life excites the night
with saucy choreography

fresh energies, electric air,
unbridled minds, unhindered hair

eruptive songs and sudden feet
which send cold stillness in retreat.

Now passions well and rhythms rise,
emotions flow and steps surprise.

Each pleasure lends a measured grace
as limbs deliver, lift, and brace

when every gesture's glorious,
exuberant, victorious

exuding red vivacity
with urgency, audacity.

A music cues us, whirls us round.
Let us engage, vibrate our ground

remind ourselves we live for joy,
for love, for peace, not to destroy

nor silence what must be decreed
or dare confine what shall be freed.

Let us embrace this bold ballet,
begin to move, adventure, sway

in rhapsodies against all death
until we reach the final breath!

Dance of Life © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: September 3, 2021