Dancers Old, Music New

With fluid limbs we'd glide beside vibrato seas
their largo rumbling fumbling undulate swells
rejuvenating music hushed to lulls
beneath dull loads, relentless requisites.

Crescendos resurrect our lilting arts:
our tidal strides reviving moments rushed
from quivered glints of intermittent light
toward cresting cadenced depths of symphony

your winding wrists about me binding grace
to timeless steps inside our songful space
gyrating us from notes to toes around
in rhythms lifting toward majestic ground

while fingertips rehearse their slight ballet
across this waltz of arms, lithe tango legs
enclosing folding lending unbending to lean
you guide I follow abide we wallowing drum

conducting under backward over forth
with lyric eyes yielding unto melodies
turned measureless revels quelled once dance
depletes and silence sings sweet arias.

Dancers Old, Music New © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: January 4, 2020