Dear Oppressors (A Cease and Desist Letter)

Dear Oppressors:

We, your persecuted ones,
serve you notice to desist
from domination, scourge, and waste.

We hereby state our terms of peace,
expecting our requests be met
completely, prompt, upon receipt:

Remove these shackles from our hands.
Rescind your presence from our lands.
Return all stolen properties.

Unprovoked aggressions end.
Permission to confine: denied.
Your license to destroy: revoked.

Collect your propaganda, trash.
Respect us as your equals now.
Accept us and our sovereignty.

Elect to honor liberties.
Reflect upon your great mistakes.
Correct the errors of your ways.

We thank you for your deference,
expecting thorough recompense,
as well as your due diligence.

Undersigned respectfully,
We, the ones who will be free.

Dear Oppressors (A Cease and Desist Letter) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: April 5, 2019