Divine Consolation

Such sorry comfort in my Word
when all you felt was all you heard
ringing through your inward pains

- could you even speak my names,
your tongues embittered with the taste
of spoiled days once ripe to waste?

I willed your wills, so you decide:
take solace in what I provide
or cast it down and curse the sight.

Even so, I send my Light
forgiving while you will forget
those moments fraught with time beget
another chance, a newfound day.

I wait for you. I hear you pray.

I feel your fears, your dreams, your needs,
know your questions, doubts, and deeds.
No distance keeps me being near.

In truth I am forever here,
guiding, not to interfere,
consoling, not controlling, clear:

mysterious, as I must be,

yet evident when you do see
my mercies, blessings, grace, relief,
regardless of your sins, belief.

Accept me in your heart and soul.
Together we achieve the whole -
my covenant, your faith - to give
salvation's hope to all who live.

Divine Consolation © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: May 20, 2019

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