The Elder Tree Recounts

The Elder Tree recounts an age
before the clearings, printed page,
when forests never swayed in fear
of humans roaming close to here.

An evergreen once heard it, too,
from mountains found within this view
and verified this "myth" some heard
(thought gossip from a flighty bird).

To flora, fauna, "Perfect Days"
describes a time cast in that haze
a dreamer savors during sleep
But now they know, and how they weep.

"Such sadness! Was there ever war?"
Then Elder spoke: "Our past is more
than frights or strife. There's future yet!
We'll suffer most once we forget."

The Elder Tree Recounts © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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16 lines.  Image challenge (large older gnarled tree surrounded by thinner trees) prompt - link:
Submitted: November 24, 2019