Evergreen Experience

Across this river, over there:
those evergreens.  Might seem unfair.
Such height.  Strength.  So mighty wide.
But that was once how we would stride,
and then that windstorm tore and swerved.
You see these limbs?  Some broken, curved.
For some, excuse to rant, resent,
be jealous, wither, lapse, lament,
but, with so many rings, we're wise.
We'll not soon forget that prize
beyond the hills, the seasons, sun:
what's us, apart from everyone.
You value what you hold today,
but let it go.  Define your way
not by what you drop or leave,
even as the axes cleave.
Those storms, they try, except we stand,
clutching nothing in each hand.
When what remains is only you,
let that comfort, guide you through
however long a loss can last.
Be like trees with roots as vast.
Sustain yourself, the forest, all.
Breathe to rise, survive each fall.

Evergreen Experience © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: April 27, 2019

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