Excavation of a Self

You boast of prospects
prize yourself
yet expect the others dig
to delve your cryptic industry

uncover all you circumvent
under years of sediment.

In tunneling
what shall we find
past the strata of that mind?

Rubies? Diamonds? Amethyst?
Something on no list?

Artifacts of artistry?
Momentous ambiguities?

Of course:
your stubborn mysteries.

What else my friend?
I say

Accept this shovel.
Mine with me
or call this archaeology

unearth remembrance time interred
preserving fading histories
exhuming hints from megaliths
or piece-together fractured wares
proposing high society
rich mythologies.

no more waiting


We're excavating

Excavation of a Self © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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100 words (prompt limit).  Anne Sexton inspiration prompt (Furies of Jewels and Coal) challenge - link: https://allpoetry.com/contest/2751182-Brevity---Anne-Sexton---The-Fury-of-Jewels-
Submitted: May 27, 2020

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