Tonight, our flawless mirror lake
reflects on nature's state to take
dissenting views on what world sees,

where perfect mountains, skies, and trees
submerge within a murky blur,
and, what that means, we might infer,

considering this impure air,
the climate and the lack of care,
with plastic bits along the shores,

below the waters, more eyesores
- a scene most may romanticize
corrupted in this compromise:

that paradise we choose to lose
each time we disregard its clues,
deceive ourselves "ideals last,"

while creation fades as fast.

Fade © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Photo prompt (sky / moon / trees / blurred reflections in lake) challenge - link: https://allpoetry.com/contest/2733234-Fantasy-221
Submitted: September 20, 2019

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