First Responder

Because a tempest
none forecast
collapsed your soundproof
velvet walls
and left you lit by EXIT signs
too far and faint
past mangled rails and busted seats
in rising dust
all while the film of your short life
did flicker on
a shattered screen as static rasped
from speakers blown
within the theater of your fright

I now arrive here
lanterns clutched in numbing hands
to call your name
and hear you breathe above the drums
of heartbeats rushed
while I wade through oblique debris
intent to rescue:

as I see
Admit One still within your grip
and wake you gently
uplifting you from ruptured dreams
and usher us
beyond the rubble's troubling sight
ascending stairs
with inward prayers all may be right
returning us
back toward ourselves at last to bask
in truer light.

First Responder © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Be a Beacon challenge prompt - link:

We each can be emotional and spiritual "first responders" to those who face tough times and have experienced tragedies.

While they wait in the debris and darkness of their shattered worlds, we can come, as human lights, and lead them from that seemingly endless night back to day and safety.

We can be their light.
Submitted: April 1, 2020