In this frenetic festival
discordant shapes and hues compete
for audience

but here they pale

and none prevail
to pry my eyes from your plain gaze
which permeates the raucous haze

to focus me in softer light

and in that instant nothing quite
inveigles us to turn away
as speechlessness

steps forth to say what words cannot

when old familiars recognize
how much they love
and harmonize.

Gaze © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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15 lines (16 the prompt limit).  Image prompt (painting inspiration: "Young Lady with Parasol" by Karl Albert Buehr, 1910, a colorfully-dressed woman sitting in a vivid environment holding a parasol, her direct and transfixing stare directed at the viewer) challenge - link:
Submitted: June 21, 2020