Her Newfound Xanadus

She dreams up newfound Xanadus
where she could kick off formal shoes
and skid down mountains shouting, "Yes!"
in a red and flowing dress
then dive beyond the wild falls
against all warners and their calls
to leave her sleep before the night.

She swims with dolphins through moonlight
her pupils huge (they soak up stars)
and thoughts so soft they float to Mars
or Venus, Saturn, past the sun
until this blissful dreaming's done.
For now, she seeks that pleasure dome
before some waker takes her home.

Her Newfound Xanadus © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Dreaming challenge prompt - link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubla_Khan

Inspired partly by
Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Khan: or, A Vision in a Dream"

On the meaning of Xanadu:
Submitted: November 21, 2020

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