Ice Walk Talk

"At any point, you could fall through,"
I do remember being warned.

The density of ice decides,
and then the weight, a few degrees,
the way you pace across the lake
and which direction you would take.

As usual, no guarantees.

In February, skaters come.
By then this ice gets thick and fit
for jumps and spinners, skids and falls.

Mid-March ice is like December's,
too tenuous and wet for walks.

A fisherman almost got caught.
He never got to cut a hole,
just fell right in with rods and lures.

I'm glad he wasn't far from land.

If I was there, I'd lend a hand
then tell him wait a few more weeks,
but he's a tough one - seldom speaks,
and, if he does, it's never nice.

Some folks go colder than the ice.

Ice Walk Talk © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: February 2, 2021