While wildflowers lark ahead
ten birds commence from nests to spread
lithe medleys over fenceless lands
basking as blue sky expands
with sunlight streaming through the clouds
as shadows cast off hazy shrouds
and rivers gift their shimmered sights
past mountains climbed beyond their heights
to kiss the dimming stars good day
while yawning fawns abscond to play
and lenient breezes ask to dance
cascading leaves lost in that trance
of colors charged to mottle world
with lustrous hues imbued and swirled
inspiriting calm rocks to reel
with warmth and lightness, aery zeal
suffusing panoramic hope
enlivening each creature's scope
on this morning wrought sublime:
when nature's poem flows with rhyme.

Idyllic © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: September 4, 2019