Instrumental Duo

Because my lyrics might not reach
beyond the compass of my speech,
tonight, guitar writes every line:

poetic music tunes divine,
each chord a ballad to your heart
extolling motifs of your art.

Glissando notes sail off to you
reverberating all you do
to melodize my silent eyes:

those harmonies I rhapsodize
all due to you, my moving muse,
who lifts my spirit to suffuse

these searching strings to turn new keys
and unlock possibilities
- crescendos, rhythms, scalar flights,

vivace variations, heights,
legato and vibrato played,
composed above my phrases prayed.

My prelude to this love inside:
receive these truths as fingers glide.

Instrumental Duo © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 6, 2019