Interior Kingdom

One lie might eye the highest throne
inside the castle of your mind,
and any whim may play the lord
when left unchecked, out of control,
once knights of reason flee their posts,
let sentiments invade these walls,
then leave the keep without defense.
How easily a kingdom falls!

Observe horizons, what they bring,
which speculations stray too near,
impostor doctrines, daydreams, doubts,
especially that old foe, fear,
who preys upon all certainty
and sows misgivings everywhere.
Seek wisdom's counsel in a quest.
Receive the real. Stay aware!

Now, if your queen is empathy
and governs with a charity,
regarding others with esteem,
a peace might prosper through this realm,
one founded on her golden rule
to render what the self has sought
and cultivate much clarity
for many questions lost in thought.

Consider what your subjects say,
the banners you parade today,
the verse or voids within a voice,
your greatest treasures, every choice,
the bridge you lower or you lift
when strangers come to bear a gift.
Have Truth, your shield, close in hand,
and guard this most majestic land!

Interior Kingdom © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Revised February 2022.

32 lines. 182 words.

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Submitted: July 29, 2021