Internet Lullabies


Read, read, read your feeds.
Quickly binge your streams.
Verily, wearily, narrowly, warily
nothing's what it seems.


Like it, like it:  online star.
How we wander where you are.
Filmed on smartphones.  Not so shy.
In the comments, hear them cry.
Liked it, liked it, online star!
Will we recall who we are?


In stock, and buy?  Maybe.
On the Deals page.
When it says "sold out"
consumers may rage.

When the Web breaks
those prices might fall.
But should we buy?  Maybe.
Close the old mall.


Lullaby, good website.
Such distractions: you glow bright.
With your lies, you mesmerize.
You help us all feel so right.
Close our eyes, every mind,
and no truths shall we find.
Give up rights without a fight
as we dream with delight.

Internet Lullabies © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Margaret Atwood awake / asleep to the world inspiration challenge prompt - link:
Submitted: September 28, 2020