Lincoln Invocation

Our nation faces tests again.

Uncivil thoughts amass and clash
on battlefields of beliefs.

How much of that can they be sure?
How much of this can we endure?

The world has noted cowardice,
the desecrations to remember,
which some are anxious to forget.

Is it for us, the mortified,
to rededicate ourselves,
to mend divisions,
heal deceit ignobly advanced?

Great masks still surround us.
Greater tasks stand before us.

Out of the daze of dishonor,
inspire us to march ahead

with peace to calm
our anguished hearts

and renewed devotion
(absent commotion)

to honor freedom,
all the fallen,
so nothing here
hath passed in vain

and that the governed
and those who govern
shall not permit this unity
to perish from our country's name.


we look toward you,
the tempered spirit
of your measures.

Instruct us to enunciate,
interrogate and elevate

to advocate for equity
yet demonstrate humility

to insulate our liberty
then consecrate our synergy

to lead us from confusion
and spare our hallowed union
one more time,
just one last time,
we dearly hope and pray.

Lincoln Invocation © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Poem inspired by Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address:
Submitted: February 26, 2021