Lyric Elegiac

Relics of "archaic" verse,
iconic, since historic, worse
now, rid of vatic magic here:

no mystic esoteric seer
eliciting exotic arc,
just critics swift to disembark

in quests of hectic rhetoric,
their frantic analytic shtick
to maledict more classic flights

and kick about quixotic knights
- systemic vitriolic views,
synaptic tactics bridged to bruise

richer mythic archetypes
with fictive academic gripes
panning lasting classics fast

in favor of dramatic blast,
frenetically mechanic dour
- the histrionics of their glower!

Their epidemics of disdain
inflict theatrics as profane
as ludicrous to criticize

poetics with empiric eyes
or pseudoscientific speech
restricting full artistic reach

- majestic rhythmic rhyming styles,
symbolic metaphoric miles -
dissed epics smeared in ageist years,

heroic works accursed by cheers
for "fresher," less fluidic lines,
kinetic, less melodic, whines,

chaotic graphic rants that bleed
with secrets scrabbled into screed,
when nowhere music may be heard

as lyrics slip to lurid word.

Lyric Elegiac © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: September 5, 2019