Magic Castles

Her charming castle, where she's queen,
kind and smiling, never mean,
says everyone is welcome here:
fairies, rabbits, dragons, deer.

Her alicorns soar rainbow high
as gnomes and griffins grin and sigh,
while mermaids splash around her moat
and Loch Ness monsters sing and float.

See leprechauns give out their gold,
and elves a hundred plus years old
will dance carefree throughout the land
where even zombies understand

this joy we speak of is no joke
or just some tale among the folk.
Now anyone can have it all!
Imagine, if you can recall,

what it was like to be a child,
to have that mind where thoughts run wild,
so free, creating strangest things,
remembering we're queens or kings

still dreaming while we're wide awake,
our kingdoms what we choose to make.
Enchant your world! Come break your curse!
Find magic in your universe!

Magic Castles © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: May 28, 2019