Maiden Stone

Within the nascent cosmic glow
where Glare gave way to vacancy
through clotted darkness Atoms grasped
for solids still to aggregate
the slightest kinds of Molecules
amassing growing gravities
as Gasses pressed by Nebulas
raised Protostars to swiftly kiln
ingredients of worlds to whirl
erupting elemental plumes
embellishing thick emptiness
with contours hinting in this forge
since ricocheting Photons pierced
Infinity septillion times
as Motes composed and Space effluxed
while Time arrived to weigh upon
The Moment anteceding all
before Inflation voiced its call
that Physics enact and enforce
some law held Chaos ran his course
that Order should secure her throne
to marshal forth the Maiden Stone.

Maiden Stone © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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108 words.  The First Stone metaphor challenge - link:

- the interpretation in this poem being the metaphoric creation of the cosmos up to the birth of the very first stone in space, which was called forth by Order itself after quickly succeeding Chaos.
Submitted: August 9, 2019