Mariner Monologue

Entrust a sea to seize yer life:
it shakes to break landlubbers soon
distracted easy by the moon,
which gilds a sky, yes, lovely gleams,
ya swear all's safer than it seems.

No cozenin' - sleep open-eyed.
Ya dream at helm, here curls a tide
to wipe a grin clean off yer pride.

Or else, a storm would wake yer bark,
'n plunge ya drownin' in a dark
or shock ya heart six lightnin' strikes
till ya glow with vertigo.

Entreat this wind like she's yer wife:
respect her well, expect a wrath
if ya steer against her path.

Mind them icebergs - thieves by night:
they'll steal hulls 'n sink ya right.

But stars?  Our friends, no better mates.
To know them, then ya'll navigate.
Those constellations round a mast:
abide 'n ride no further past
yer intuitions, naturally.

Those waves flow hungry - come 'n see:
No mermaids wadin' - whales within!
Great waves for graves - they'll take ya in!

Hospitable, how this life rolls,
to feel at home with few controls.
Just raisin' sails, some hope yer crew,
when things run rough, might stick it through.
Except, I'd guess, they'll ditch 'n swim
first chance somethin's lookin' grim.

A treasure's never what ya'd wish.
unless ya'll be a food for fish.

Too many sailors lost that way,
thinkin' luck alone should sway
their voyages to plottin' routes.
Leagues deep, anchored, rottin' louts;
they're bones for coral, stubborn gulls.
Ho, now the ocean's in their skulls!

A captain, huh?  Well, that ya'd be?
Accept it's red hell, this blue sea,
'n search no heavens by made map,
- a sinful letdown sort of trap.

But reachin' harbors, that's an end.
Nothin' less than ports contend.
Return enough - old salt for souls!
We're richer:  pay the main its tolls.

Mariner Monologue © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: December 3, 2019