Mood: Practical

My cobbler's Practicality
producing shoes not once confused
with carnivals or candy wraps
or monsters flogged by leather straps
or robots bogged within the mud
or flowers that forgot to bud.

They neither blink, presume to think,
nor sound a song when strolls along
these simple paths exact no math,
much less demand two "smarter" shoes
downloading turns with vocal cues.

Advancing by my lesser wits,
computers left to chase their bits,
I tread ahead, pragmatic, clear
of what most walkers might hold dear,
perceptive steps not drowned in gels
or "arch support"-contorting spells.

I feel the Earth, and it stands me.
Within this stride, I'm plain but free,
in sole and soul, utilities,
to forsake fashion's vanities
and outpace mazed technology
to reach Point B as easily
and know the road, what each reveals,
by basic laces, grounded heels.

Mood: Practical © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: August 23, 2019