Naivety's Euphoria ((Word Bank Challenge))

Quite unaware their world faced doom
they twirled and danced in lush sunshine,
basking dandy in its warmth,

melodious, such hopeful mirth
to flow so lissome out of glee,
their tranquil play of pure delight

alive like blossoms born of light
blooming dreams serenely bright
so flourishing and prospering

one cradles them with careful hands
- but then illusion's shattering,
that iridescent harmony

crushed by crumbling citrine sun
as feeble moon cast opal glow
upon the sickly shadowed land

infirm beneath that firmament:
epiphanic and eloquent
when emptiness had much to say.

Naivety's Euphoria ((Word Bank Challenge)) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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All words used - Word Bank Challenge (words provided: Bask, sun, warmth, sunshine, melodious, blossom, bloom, dandy, light, flow, glee, delight, euphoria, flourish, opal, mirth, hope, iridescent, epiphany, eloquent, harmony, lissome, tranquil, cradle, dance, twirl, prosper, serene, lush, dream) - link:
Submitted: January 31, 2020