Nereid, Nostalgic

As undulations lunge and purge,
crazing waves to crash the sand,
a riptide surges, verging flood,
with undercurrents, urgent blood
through one belover blushing, lost,
again upon a seashore, tossed
by forces deep, distending, dense,
receding fleet as they commence.

That ship, a blip, horizon-bound:
"Its master, may he soon be drowned,"
she mutters, then retracts her curse,
nostalgic, hopeful he'll reverse,
return, retrieve her restless hands,
embrace, embark to fabled lands
- her Argonaut in search of Fleece.
She blows a kiss and wishes peace.

Nereid, Nostalgic © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: December 5, 2019