'No captain?' I'm captain!

Not captainless: I am this ship
embarking past mere mortal maps
to cruise beyond grim glory, ports,
to boat, where no eyes swim or drift,

with spirit! Heading! Speed, and soul
through surging skies of boundless blue
(forswearing inner mutinies)
more essential with each wave.

"No captain?" I'm captain, awake to note
the reveille of open seas
awash with submerged wreckage, gold:
the ocean knows me - rudder, gears,

this engine fueled by wonders, bliss,
propelled to roam the globe around.
To think, I dreamed upon this deck,
so deeply slept I seemed extinct

unanswering adventure's call,
benumbed to pulse, to thrill and will,
as anchorless, adrift, or beached,
or plundered therefore treasureless.

Assuredly, as shores slide by,
my bearing's joy. No grief, regrets.
I glide in light, as captain, strive
to navigate the fathomless


'No captain?' I'm captain! © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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120 words.  Ship metaphor - challenge link:
My approach to this challenge is inspired by Walt Whitman's famous "O Captain! My Captain!" poem, which it parallels / contrasts with stanza by stanza:
Submitted: July 30, 2019

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