Nocturnal Visionaries

When dawning darkness conjures you,
descender on sepulchral suns,
your wings revive all perished air,
which quivers, as if omens cue
new dreamless dread, when restless ones
flee shadows scarcely told from night.

Yet this - your vision - gives most fright,
while you cruise by without a care,
exist as nature states you should
- and not to haunt some witching wood -

but spot the obscured clear as days,
survive to fly instinctive ways,
no matter how we might confound
that vexing view, your shocking sound,
with wickedness and misery.

Your wisdom: mind what eyes can't see.

Nocturnal Visionaries © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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16 lines.  Photo challenge (owl at night descending, wings wide open) prompt - link:
Submitted: November 4, 2019