Nonpartisan Love Song

Allegiance - adore a nation
not just one party: population.

Trade valentines across the aisle,
collaborate, hold hands, and smile.

We'll think as one, or two we fall
and not in love but overall.

Three:  be true to truth's intents,
not merely your constituents.

Four, before you say, "I do,"
and cast your vote as red or blue,

know history attends your vows
and every premise you espouse.

Five:  let's kiss all PACs goodbye,
return to grassroots.  Six:  defy

all anti-democratic ways.
Through Constitution we'll appraise

then seven:  fend off tyranny
and threats of all-out anarchy.

You heart this country?  Help it last.
Eight: let's all learn from the past.

Nine: be mine, of theirs - for all -
you represent The People's call

for process, progress, parity,
inclusion, wellness, clarity,

some proof you care beyond your term
to guard our rights and reaffirm

these liberties with faithfulness
as we pursue our happiness,

Ten:  reflect Old Glory's hues
those stripes and stars unite our views

admitting difference to unite
with validation through the night

through early light of dawning sun.
That symbol stands for everyone:

our home, the brave, this land, the free,
the rest.  Please tell me:  can you see?

Nonpartisan Love Song © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: January 18, 2020