Of Fulcrums and Leverage

I. Mary Anning, Paleontologist

Emancipating specimens
fossils not obstinate enough
to deter earthy fingertips
palpating edges to be pried

as long ago she pressed to learn
of dinosaurs and skeletons
then dug up one of sundry skulls
and excavated ages lost.

II. Ada Lovelace, Pioneer of Programmers

As analytic engines hum
her notes forebode a greater sum:
to leverage advanced designs
incite machines beyond their lines
commanding them to jump and run
computing as was never done.

III. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Suffragist

Declaring sovereign sentiments
demanding lasting parity

compelling movements with your voice
so women could possess their choice.

Of Fulcrums and Leverage © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Counting everything, 100 words (the prompt limit).  Archimedes quote ("...I will move the Earth") challenge prompt - link: https://allpoetry.com/contest/2746636-Quote--38

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Mary Anning

Ada Lovelace, Mathematician and among the First Computer Programmers

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Suffragist
Submitted: May 1, 2020

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