Pandora of All Gifts

Atonement for Prometheus
   who procured Olympic flames
   for mortal cause
   ungodly throes

you stray from clay
   divinely blithe
   Athena's breath inspiriting
   refined by Aphrodite's hands

(in wedlock key to afterthought)

two vengeful vessels: you, the jar
and beauty's ruse, the Trojan Horse.

Once curious, the lid removed,
   all curses surge without remorse.

Yet, Grecian Eve
      vamped face of blame

   your final gift
       this remnant hope

       leaves but the least
    we need
to cope.

Pandora of All Gifts © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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20 lines.  Image challenge (woman peering curiously into a box) prompt challenge - link:
Submitted: June 5, 2020