Persecutor Conversion

Waging hate against belief,
you menaced faithful from the land,
convinced you held the upper hand,
unprepared that would be brief
even as you dreamt of chains,
delighting in potential pains.

Damascus deemed your endgame move,
you left without a second thought,
least expecting to be caught
along that road, turned, reprove
yourself in visions so divined
for days you would be stricken blind.

You rode around as Saul back then,
but what you witnessed altered more
than name or eyes will answer for:
that Voice commanding your Amen,
ghostly spirit - vessel - soul -
your sight again becoming whole,

reborn to breathe and live the Word,
- Apostle-bound - proclaiming loud
inspired truths to any crowd,
by letter or in person, heard
as one who first had doubted all,
at last the Saint most know as Paul.

Persecutor Conversion © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Inspired by Acts 9 (Saul / Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus)
Submitted: March 11, 2019