Persephone (Escaping Hades)

Wife of Pluto, forcibly,
infernal queen of Hades loath,
Zeus's daughter, dire, drenched
in shadow, smolder, grisly sin,
also offspring of Demeter
demanding Zeus retrieve her girl

from this ungodly underworld:

Persephone must break her curse,
and try, as much she did, she failed.
In dreams she found a thousand ways
bolting from the ominous
- until Pluto half-agreed
to bid her passage to return,

even as he yearned and burned,

but not before his parting gift
of pomegranate seeds to eat:
the doom in their devouring.
Eager to regain the light
she swallowed promptly, sealing fate,
and, in that moment, her mandate:

divide herself between this hell
and in the world she would revel.

Persephone (Escaping Hades) © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: April 3, 2019