Phania, the Lost Tenth Muse

Perhaps in Alexandria
rolled up in scrolls on cobwebbed shelves
before the fateful flames erased
all histories and verse preserving
evidence of your sure name,
it could be proved this much were so:

more Muses thrived, not nearly nine,
your ward the highest to enshrine,
tenth Muse of Truth, Epiphany,
Appearance and Reality,
your spirit lifting minds to light
while gifting mortals godly sight.

Because delusions skew the day
and savage shadows hold great sway
within a world deceivers leave
so many little to believe,
I wonder if you did exist
or simply wish now to resist.

Did demigods repulse your skill
or demons seize your secret quill
or ban you to some mythic place?
Or did you choose to hide your face?
Quite possibly, if then you knew
our only hope's to seek what's true.

Phania, the Lost Tenth Muse © Copyright 2021, Robert J. Tiess.

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Submitted: October 12, 2020